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What Is Multichannel Publishing?

People want to access information in ways that are convenient and accessible to them. And in the digital world we live in, no two people have the same set of preferences when it comes to reading content. Some might want to read the newspaper at the office, on their mobile phones while they're stuck in traffic or on their tablet at home on the couch.

Multichannel Publishing has endless possibilities

Multichannel Publishing helps you publish your content to multiple different channels. Your article will reach your audience on your website, on your app and in your Social Media accounts. These channels don't have to be physical, like your website or social media accounts, but can also refer to different types of audiences or users. The possibilities are endless.

Multichannel Publishing

More people, more awareness, more sales

Being able to reach more of your audience in their preferences means there will be more awareness for your content. More awareness will in turn lead to more sales. All companies that want to give their audience a choice in how to get their content should consider Multichannel Publishing. However, many companies still use a clever mix of third party tools to reach the desired effect.

Multichannel Publishing in Integrated

This is no longer needed when using Integrated, an open source online publishing software. Multichannel Publishing in Integrated can:

  • Publish content to many different channels, e.g. social media, email newsletters, mobile and watch apps and printed products
  • Store content in a central place, form where it can be used multiple times
  • Lead to less workload, giving you better results

Integrated is made to be a system of engagement and will in the future also feature content analytics, content targeting and content personalization. Already using Integrated? We can always help you configure Multichannel Publishing in your Integrated account.

Want to see exactly how Integrated can help you with Multichannel Publishing? Sign up for our free trial with your e-mail address. Your very own Integrated account will be ready to use within 5 minutes.

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